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"why the heck would you start a cooking blog if you are such a terrible cook?"

Hey! I'm Emily Anne Smith and I guess this is my blog! I am married to the greatest man I've ever known, my one true love of my life, Ethan Alexander Smith. I'm pretty obsessed with him to be honest. We have the same initials and so we call ourselves EAS squared. We have a lot of fun together and some pretty hilarious arguments (cue the last argument I started about Ethan putting those Pillsbury Halloween cookies in the cupboard instead of the fridge, maybe I'll get back to that story another time). I graduated from Southern Utah University and I studied Human Nutrition. I currently work as a Diet Tech at a long term care facility in St. George, UT and I LOVE IT. I love everything about food from learning about it, reading recipes, making and baking it! Though I love cooking and baking, I really am quite terrible at it. I always, without fail burn the first batch of cookies. I forget I'm cooking all the time and usually at least one thing ends up totally ruined if not the entire meal. And I've started my fair share of kitchen fires, including burning a (supposedly fireproof) hot pad to ash..

SO. You're probably wondering, "why the heck would you start a cooking blog if you are such a terrible cook?"

Well, I'll tell ya. I LOVE TO COOK. I may be terrible cook but those few times when something comes together just right, it is seriously so fun. BUT, when I first started cooking, like really cooking not just Pasta Roni or grilled cheese - I'd seriously mess up every part of the meal and end up feeling pretty defeated/ticked off/ guilty. I felt terrible that my dear sweet husband had to eat burned, gross, bland terrible chicken for the fourth night in a row. I've gotten a little bit better over the last year and a half, but I still struggle immensely.

During that time, I began to really get into nutrition,  I started to notice that in our society there is so much focus on what you should and shouldn't eat, and so much of it leads to food guilt for what you are and aren't eating. I noticed how many recipes on Pinterest were titled "guilt-free cake" or "guilt-free bread" which I think is code for "made with weird and obscure ingredients and tastes nothing like what its supposed to" and it bothered me SO MUCH because...


Let me say that again for the people in the back.


Feeling guilty or stressed over the foods you are eating is not healthy eating. Healthy eating is everything in balance and moderation.

This means, make your cake and eat it too.

So I decided to start this blog, partly because I don't have a ton of friends and I need a bigger audience to share my hilarious cooking fails with... But mostly my goal here is to help relieve some of that guilt and convince as many people as will listen THAT EVERY FOOD IS GUILT FREE.

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ps. here is that ashen hot pad I was talking about earlier in case you didn't believe me

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