• Emily Smith

A very Harry Potter party

So I am among the few who actually love Halloween. It may even be my favorite holiday right up there by the Fourth of July. I love every holiday, really I just like any excuse to celebrate. In addition to my love for holidays and celebrations, I am also obsessed with Harry Potter.

Harry Potter is a literary wonder. Normally I would say I'm pretty open minded and I actually enjoy hearing other peoples opinions but when it comes to Harry Potter, if you have a negative opinion about Harry Potter, then kindly move on and keep your opinions to yourself.

Harry Potter was such a huge part of my childhood. Growing up my dad took me and my older brother to every midnight book release and midnight movie. I remember standing in line for hours in Walmart waiting for the newest book and playing Uno in the aisles. One time when we were standing in line, this group of guys came running through the store dressed as wizards with brooms yelling "Quidditch at my house! BRING YOUR BLUDGERS" we thought it was the funniest thing, it is still one of my favorite memories. My siblings and I once watched every Harry Potter movie in one day... it took 20 hours and it was 100% worth it. I've read and listened to all of the books several times and I have basically all of the movies memorized.

Anyway, now that I've made you all mildly uncomfortable with my extreme passion for Harry Potter.. I'll get to the point. Last weekend I co-hosted a Harry Potter Halloween Party with a friend and it was basically the coolest party I've ever thrown/been to (not a brag, just the truth). We went all out and made all manner of treats from the wizarding world and it went surprisingly perfectly. Here's some pics for proof.

The spread

Pumpkin pasties (well not really, but I wanted to make this pumpkin roll)

Chocolate toffee frogs

Bertie Botts every flavor beans (jk theyre ridiculously expensive)

Gilly weed (spinach artichoke dip)

Butter beer (looks gross but actually quite delicious)

Harry's eleventh birthday cake

Everything was so delicious and went so well, minus the cake. But I mean it wouldn't be me without at least one fail haha. I had some troubles with the first cake. I may have forgotten to spray the pan before but I scraped a bunch out and pieced it together which really just added to the effect I was going for anyway so I guess what I'm saying is that I meant to do it.

The bottom layer of the cake haha would you expect anything less?

Luna Lovegood and Bellatrix Lestrange just chillin'

It was truly the most magical night! So thankful for good friends, good food, Halloween, and of course, Harry Potter.

p.s heres some pics of the decor and sorting ceremony if you're interested

p.p.s the wands pictured here are Ethan's creation and they turned out so awesome!!

p.p.p.s The first pic is the sorting ceremony we had to separate everyone into houses for the house cup competitions

p.p.p.p.s Guess who Ethan is dressed as and you will be awarded 15 house points (he's in this first pic down here)


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