My name is Emily Smith, I am married to the greatest man I've ever known, my one true love of my life, Ethan Alexander Smith. I graduated from Southern Utah University and I studied Human Nutrition.I work as a diet tech in St George, UT and I LOVE IT. I love everything about food from learning about it, reading recipes, making and baking it! Though I love cooking and baking, I really am quite terrible at it.  I have gotten better over the last year and a half but I still struggle immensely. So I decided to start this blog to document all the hilarious cooking fails I've had and I'm sure I'll continue to have.  As I studied nutrition,  I began to notice that in our society today there is so much focus on what you should and shouldn't eat, and so much of it leads to food guilt for what you are and aren't eating. My goal here with this blog is to help relieve some of that guilt and convince as many people as will listen, THAT EVERY FOOD IS GUILT FREE.

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